Help People at War Living with Mental Disability

Help People at War Living with Mental Disability

‘Lishma’ organization, the national movement of people with mental disabilities for people with mental disabilities, is there for the community in these difficult times.

Many people coping with mental health issues are now being released prematurely from mental health centers because of lack of place in safe rooms.

If the basic needs for food and essential equipment in their homes is met by welfare services or aid organizations, many people with mental disability are living alone, amplifying the distress.

We at ‘Lishma’ prepare and distribute relief packages with board games, puzzles, and stress release tools like foam balls.

Additionally, we prepare relief packages for wards in hospitals, in which the hospitalized ones left are often living in stuffed shelters with no activities.

The cost of one relief package is 140 NIS/ 36 US$/ 33 euros. The cost for an entire ward in mental health centers is 1400 NIS/ 360$/ 330 euros.

The packages will be delivered to homes of individuals and hospitals’ wards by volunteers.

We are grateful for your support via JGive.

For any questions please contact Tammy Carmel Matzlavi by Cellular 972(0)58-7887487

Lishma Organization (Registered NGO: 580462927) is a registered non-profit organization with tax deductible donations made in Israel.